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 Questions about Mooveez films

° How much does a Mooveez film cost?

Mooveez films cost ‎€16.99 to 17.99 and the short NatGeo documentaries cost ‎€0.99 to 1.99. The prices of individual episodes of TV series range somewhere in between. We negotiated these prices with film studios in order to be able to offer Mooveez films for no more than two and a half times the price of ordinary films on iTunes. 

° Why are Mooveez films more expensive than normal films?

With Mooveez you’re not just buying a film. Each Mooveez film delivers weeks of study materials including many useful functions. Compare the price of a Mooveez film with the price of taking lessons with a teacher, or the price of textbooks. You’ll immediately realize that Mooveez films are a very good deal.

° How do they differ from regular films with subtitles?

The main difference lies in the added value and functions available in Mooveez. These save time and enable you to work with the film as if with English language study materials. Each film has been retranslated by experts in its entirety with a view to studying English. No words have been changed, as is typically the case with subtitled films. Not even cultural references or jokes have been adapted, but instead are explained in order to help you dig deep into the language and the environment in which they are used. Mooveez films also explain the grammar and idioms used, plus each film includes a range of grammar exercises.

° Why don’t you offer the “film and classic subtitles” function? 

There are several reasons for this:
1. Length: Subtitles in films tend to be shortened so that longer translations don’t spill over into subsequent scenes.
2. Methodology: With our method you engage your memory more in the learning process, which is undoubtedly more effective.
3. Attention: When watching a subtitled film, sooner or later you start focusing on the subtitles and lose awareness of the sound.

° How do you pick Mooveez films?

Very carefully and deliberately. You will spend more than one to two hours with a Mooveez film. For this reason it must be a film you are willing to watch over and over. We also select films that are appropriate in terms of studying English. These therefore consist of a combination of successful releases over the years and those recommended by our language experts. For this reason you are not likely to find new releases among our offerings.

° Can I download films for free?

You can download a demo of Mooveez for Forrest Gump and one short National Geographic documentary. You can use the demo to experiment with how Mooveez works and see what kind of exercises you can expect.

° Will ads be displayed in the app once it’s been installed?

No. Ads aren’t displayed either in the Mooveez app or in the individual films.

° How often do you add new films?  

We currently have a range of films and TV series in production. Other movies are simply waiting for contracts to be signed. We try to add at least one title per month.

° Why don’t you have new releases?

You will spend more than one to two hours with a Mooveez film. For this reason it must be a film you are willing to watch over and over. We also select films that are appropriate in terms of studying English. These therefore consist of a combination of successful titles over the years and those recommended by our language experts. For this reason you are not likely to find new releases among our offerings.  

Questions about methodology and studying with Mooveez

° How does the app work?

Films often manage to partially replace a foreign environment, which can be very helpful for learning a foreign language. In the Mooveez app we provide added value and transform the films into materials which are convenient for studying English. Find out more by watching our video!

° What approach do you recommend for studying?  

Watch our video! Here you will see our recommended method. However, you can change your methods depending on the place and circumstances in which you are studying with Mooveez. For the method to succeed, it is important to maintain the following sequence: listening => understanding => repeat listening => active practice.   

° Is it possible to use the app to learn how to speak?

Yes. To a certain extent as Mooveez copies the natural way we adopt a new language. First you listen, understand the content, listen again, and then actively practice. With our flash cards you can practice proper diction and learn to speak with the vocabulary of a native speaker. What’s more, you will learn all expressions within the context they’re actually used.

° How long does it take to study with a single film?

It depends on you and the energy, intensity, and goals you bring to your studies. In general it can be said that one feature film provides a month of study if you work with it every day.

° My English isn’t good enough for me to handle a movie in English. Does it make sense for me to use Mooveez?

Yes. Every film contains a professional translation that lets you know what is taking place in the movie. Your lower knowledge of the language may even be to your advantage. The reason is that you can naturally learn actual phrases and words used in association with the audiovisual film experience. In Mooveez we will also explain the grammar being used, and allow you to practice it. You can naturally select the grammar from the film that suits your level. With a single film you can make incredible progress – there will always be something new to discover!

° Is Mooveez suitable for children?

Yes. We recommend Mooveez for children. All those who know how to read can work with Mooveez just like adults. Children who are not yet reading can often handle repeated listening even better than adults. This can be attributed to the natural capacity of children aged six to seven years to learn languages differently. Any decisions regarding the film’s suitability, however, should be carried out by an adult.  

° How many Mooveez films do I need in order to learn a language? 

You knowledge of the language after each film will depend on your initial knowledge. We recommend that beginners study at least five films following our recommended process. One film contains an average of 2,000 unique words, the majority of which are the most widely used. A mere 1,000 words represents 60% of the most common vocabulary. With each subsequent film you therefore increase your vocabulary, learn common phrases, or master certain grammatical rules. Since these are not films designed for study, not all of them contain all the grammatical rules.

° What should I do to get started studying?

Download the app, watch the "How to learn with Mooveez" video, download the free demo for Forrest Gump, play around with it and the Mooveez functions. Then simply select a film you like and start working with it.

° Why don’t you offer the option to select the translation language?

We are bound by the distribution rules which specify which countries we can use specific translation languages in. At present, one exception to this are NatGeo documentaries. We are working on being able to offer this benefit in future.

Questions about the main functions of Mooveez

° What is the Interactive Screenplay?

Mooveez films do not contain subtitles, but rather a word-for-word translation of the original in the form of a screenplay and its high-quality translation. You can return to specific passages repeatedly or hide the screenplay whenever you want and practice understanding from the context or the spoken word. You can select any dialogue from the screenplay and use it to create an audio flash card.

° What are the audio flash cards and how should they be properly used?

Audio flash cards make repetition easier. You can create them yourself from any dialogue in the film, then use them to easily return to phrases. First it helps to set them up with the translation language on top. Try translating the phrase, then check your translation by listening and flipping the flash card. A more advanced setting is with the English side on top, where you attempt to translate it in reverse. Once again you should check your translation first by listening and then by flipping the card. It helps to repeat the phrase out loud.  

° What are the language and cultural explanations for, and how do they work?

Mooveez explanations can help you delve deeper into a language and its culture. It will explain the slang expressions being used and the phrases which might not make sense at first, but which are of course commonly used among native speakers. Anyone can appreciate them, regardless of their language level.

° Sometimes after I click on a dialog box I return to the given sentence, sometimes the film resumes from the given sentence. What determines this?  

Clicking on a specific phrase plays the film from that phrase. Clicking on the icon indicating the actor who used the phrase only plays the phrase itself.

° What are the lessons for?

We’ve divided each Mooveez film into smaller sections called lessons. Using the lessons makes it easier for you to navigate when launching the app repeatedly. At the same time you will have an overview of what you’ve covered and how much you still have left to do. For each lesson there is a set of exercises which relate to what you’ve watched. This allows you to proceed in a very structured manner and get the most out of the film.


Technical questions about Mooveez

° What resolution are the films in?

Films are provided in standard SD quality and have about 1.5-3 GB including all the language training materials, depending on their length.

° How long does it take to download one film?

The download time depends on the quality of your connection. Registration and downloading must be completed via Wi-Fi, so you may want to check before downloading to ensure your mobile data is turned off. If it is turned on the app will not allow you download the film, nor complete the registration. When downloading your film it is necessary for the app to remain open. Closing the app will suspend the download of your film, although it will resume once you relaunch.

° What platforms and devices does it work on?

Mooveez works on smartphones and tablets with both of the most common operating systems – iOS (version 9.0+) and Android (version 4.4+)  

​° Is it possible to use the app on desktop computers or notebooks?

The app only works on mobile devices. We are not currently planning a version for computer apps.

° Why do I have to register?

After registering you are given the option to access all films on multiple devices. Registering allows us to assist you better in resolving any technical difficulties that may arise.  

° Can I share films between multiple devices?

Yes. These devices can even work on different operating systems – iOS and Android.  

° Can I share films on devices with different operating systems?


° How much space do they need on the devices?

One film with all the materials will take up approx. 1.5-3 GB. You can store the film you are currently studying in our cloud storage free of charge and return to it at any time.

° When using the app on multiple devices, will I have the same data everywhere?

Registering allows you to share the films you purchase on up to three devices. We are currently working on allowing for your progress in the film and exercises to be shared as well, but for the time being this is not yet available.

° I have no more room on my device for another film. 

You can store any film you are not currently studying free of charge in our cloud storage and return to it at any time.



° The app crashes.

You may have experienced an error during download, which resulted in the app being downloaded incorrectly. Please remove the installation and try installing again.

° I see a translation in the film that I do not understand.

If you have purchased a film and obtained a translation for it that you don‘t understand, please let us know by writing to us at info@mooveez.com. In your email please specify the email address you used to register. We’ll fix the issue as soon as possible and send you instructions on how to access a translation you can understand.

° I didn’t receive the email confirming my registration.

Your confirmation email should arrive within a few minutes after registering. If you haven’t received it yet, please check your junk mail folder. If you don’t find it here either, let us know by writing to us at info@mooveez.com. In your email please specify the email address you used to register. We’ll check our system for any typographical errors in the email address, then send you a new activation email or activate the account ourselves and let you know.

° I can’t sign in with my Facebook account.

Please use the option of registering via email or your Google account.

° After registering, the films I purchased in the past are missing/don’t work.

You may have experienced an error during the migration of data, which we can fix for you. Please let us know by writing to us at info@mooveez.com and specify the email address you used to register, ideally with a telephone number we can reach you on. We will be in touch shortly afterwards. Owing to our legal obligations toward our partners (movie studios), we were required to adopt a mandatory registration. This allows you to install the app on up to three devices without having to purchase the film again.

° I can’t buy a film.

Wi-Fi is required to download the films, and for this reason you may want to check before downloading to ensure that your mobile data has been switched off. If it is turned on, the app will not allow you to download the film. The app needs to be open when downloading a film. If you close the app, your download will be interrupted, although you can resume downloading once the app reopens. If none of these solutions allows you to download the film, please let us know at info@mooveez.com.

° I can’t launch a film.

You need to be online when launching a film for the first time.

° Some cards are missing a soundtrack.

For certain films (such as School of Rock) we are restricted by copyright. In passages containing translations of songs, for example, certain audio clips have therefore been removed from the soundtracks of the audio flash cards. Audio flash cards with these restrictions feature a crossed-out speaker icon. You can create an audio flash card from these but they will not contain sound, or may be inaudible.

° The film offering has significantly changed (= films are missing that were there before).

If you are travelling abroad, it is likely that the selection will be different due to the country you are in. You will not lose the films you have purchased. Once you return home, your selection of films will be restored.

° I don’t have room on my device for another film.

You can store the film you are currently studying free of charge in our cloud storage and return to it at any time.  

° If you come across something that doesn’t work, please write us at info@mooveez.com

Mooveez plans

° Are you planning Mooveez for other languages?

In the next phase of the Mooveez development we plan to teach English in other parts of the world as well. We’re still considering supporting other languages, such as French. Got any other ideas? Let us know at info@mooveez.com


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