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Privacy Policy Mooveez

Dear User,

Thank you for using the application Mooveez © developed by Archimedes Inspiration a.s.
We welcome your wish to grow your knowledge - in a fun and efficient way with us. We at Archimedes Inspiration a.s. are committed to respect your privacy when using Mooveez app. Therefore, for your full enjoyment of Mooveez app and its benefits and as requested by AppStore, we present you with our applicable privacy policy.

Purpose of any data collected when downloading and accessing Mooveez app is the proper use and further development of Mooveez app. We shall also collect certain data on the devices you use - these data shall be used for our internal purposes and to communicate with you as user of Mooveez app.

In the event. other means of technical tracking of information are used in connection with Mooveez app, they shall be tracked anonymously they shall not be personally identifiable, with the unique use for further development and improvement of Mooveez app. We are not collecting information for identification of devices onto which you have downloaded Mooveez app.

The data and information provided by you and collected from your device, if any, shall be collected on our server. We shall not provide your data to any third parties and we shall take technically reasonable steps to prevent disclosure of the data and other information provided to use in connection with your use of Mooveez app to others.

Any ad data collected, received or derived from Facebook ad shall be only shared with us, we shall limit the use of all of that information, and keep it confidential and secure.

At any point of time, you are allowed to amend data submitted, as well as to withdraw such consent in the future, which may, however, impact your access to Mooveez app. For such amendment or withdrawal, please use the following contact details: The effect of the change or withdrawal will be applied immediately upon the receipt of the information from you.

This privacy policy applies to Mooveez application © by Archimedes Inspiration a.s.

Thank you and enjoy Mooveez app ©.
Archimedes Inspiration a.s.

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