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With Mooveez films you also learn to speak.

With Mooveez films you also learn to speak.

Each of us can handle at least one language at a very sophisticated level without having to study:
our native language.

How did it happen? Our parents spoke to us from the day we were born. We listened and began paying attention the individual words and phrases. This was the passive phase of acquiring vocabulary. Gradually we began responding and trying to copy the words. Only with time did we learn how to exchange the individual words and replace them with associated structures. Grammatically correct sentences became a natural expression of our efforts.

From passive knowledge to active usage.
Naturally and stress-free.

Mooveez operates on a similar principle: no matter your knowledge of the language, with Mooveez films you acquire more and more vocabulary in their correct grammatical applications. You don’t learn them in isolation, but in the associations and context of the situation in which they were used.

  • Thanks to professional quality translations  you’ll know the exact and correct meaning of the words.
  • Thanks to the cover-up feature you can always test your understanding.
  • Thanks to audio flashcards you always have sentence construction within reach and can drill the pronunciation and diction of a sentence.
  • Thanks to culture tips you can delve deeper into their meaning and uncover the culture of the language environment or the language itself.
  • Thanks to exercises you can train the grammar structures.
  • You will naturally transition from passive knowledge of the language to active use.

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