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You won’t find new releases here.

You won’t find new releases here.

Selecting films on which to apply the Mooveez methodology is subject to several strict criteria.  
Not every film suits Mooveez and as such you may not find your favorite movie here.
We have our reasons for this, however.

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  • We pick films that have survived the test of time.
    If you have to film several weeks of study with a film, you should be able to watch it several times (even if in sections). How many such films do you know? There aren’t that many of them, but we’ve found them. And these are the ones we choose. Most of our films rank at the top of the charts in terms of lasting popularity.

  • We pick films that are widely known.
    When you know the story of a film, because you’ve already seen it in the past, it is always simpler. You don’t have to concentrate as much on the plot or the storyline, but can focus fully on the language. In our experience, this is the most effective way. That’s why we don’t look for the latest “tearjerker” but rather films that are widely watched and loved.

  • We prefer films in the original
    We want you to learn a specific language in specific cultural contexts. After all, we don’t want you merely to learn the language, but to understand it. This is important especially for advanced students who wish to understand references, jokes, idioms, and other nuances of the language.

  • We pick films that have rich language
    Of course, one of the key criteria is the richness of the language in the film. There is a wide range of wonderful films that simply aren’t suited to studying a language. Fortunately there are not too many of them, and most films contain the 2,000 basic words that help build approximately 80% of your vocabulary and a multitude of grammatical structures.

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