Perfect understanding


Mooveez films don’t have classic subtitles, but rather an interactive screenplay. What’s the difference?


Whenever you watch films with subtitles, sooner or later you realise that you are merely reading the subtitles without absorbing the language.
Even if you were aware of the language, you might be able to catch most of the dialogue and perhaps even memorize certain phrases. That doesn’t mean you will understand the film perfectly – the two to three words you might miss from a sentence could make all the difference, and there are sure to be plenty in the entire film. Unless you have the stamina to find a word-for-word screenplay and hunt for the words in a dictionary, you won’t find what you’re missing. And let’s be honest: most people don’t.

We have, however, and the result is our interactive screenplay. We’ve juxtaposed a word-for-word transcription of the original with a high-quality translation. When you read the translation, you know exactly what’s happening in the film. If you read the original transcription, you know exactly which foreign words are being used. And suddenly you hear the two to three words you’d missed before. What’s more, you can return to each passage several times, create interactive audio flash cards, and practice even more. You can choose when to hide the screenplay and train your understanding of the context or the spoken word.

The important thing is that when watching the film along with the screenplay and then watching it without any hints, your long-term memory is engaged in the learning process – which is the best thing you can do when learning a language!