Understanding insights

The proper translation of vocabulary should always capture the exact meaning.

Let’s take a simple example: if in a given situation you translate the phrase “old man” as “old man,” you should be all right. But in another situation it can be a slang term for “father.” And situations like this – or even more complicated ones – are all common in different languages.
What’s more, in every language there are a multitude of phrases you simply won’t find in any regular dictionary. Did you know, for example, that the name “Bubba” in the film Forrest Gump is also a slang term for an uneducated black man? Or that in France an attractive man is commonly referred to as “Patrick Swayze”?

For each of these situations, we have prepared culture tips to help you delve much deeper into the language than you could have ever imagined.

Thanks to these culture tips in Mooveez films your language skills will be embellished with expressions and knowledge which will dazzle all the native speakers.