Natural learning

Are you worried that a film can’t teach you how to speak? Quite the contrary.

Most teaching in language courses takes place in such a way that you’re constantly combining a variety of approaches with a single teacher – reading, speaking, listening, studying – each section with its designated time and space.

We assume this is the right way, since that’s the way things are done. The greatest challenge is typically to begin speaking and another problem is often that the person speaking with us has a different accent than the teacher, and it isn’t easy to understand.

Remember how you learned your native tongue. As children we used listening to acquire a huge vocabulary which we were able to understand perfectly. We started speaking by imitating – imitating the intonation of the speaker, ideally in the same situation when they used the given phrase.
It works the same way with Mooveez. Using repeated audio flash cards you naturally select phrases you can master and then drill. You pay attention to the diction being used, and at the same time the voices of the different actors make associations in your head with the situations in which the phrases were used.

When learning with Mooveez you build on what you’ve already mastered, and the excitement and energy associated with your progress drives you forward to achieve other goals. The effective combination of stimuli just keeps helping more and more.