Easy and effective practice

Practice makes perfect. This applies to Mooveez as well.

And yet practicing isn’t always as easy as we need it to be. For example, if you’d like to practice a phrase from a regular film, you have to find it in the film, write it down somewhere, and then read it.

Mooveez films contain interactive audio flash cards that fundamentally facilitate practice – you can comfortably return to them any time you wish. And there’s something else about them you should know: you can choose from two different settings, with either the translation language or the original on top. Every time you try to translate the phrase, and ideally before you flip the card, you play the original audio clip and try to practice out loud. You can check your work by flipping the card.

You can first practice the translation from the original into translation language. It’s a little more challenging the other way around. You always have the chance to check your pronunciation with the audio clip.