Bob&Bobby The Supermarket

Bit peckish myself.*

Are you also a bit hungry for new English phrases, just as Bob and Bobby are for juicy carrots?
Then hop into the second episode of the series about the rabbits in the hat entitled The Supermarket.
Before Bob and Bobby reach their orange goal, they will encounter a street sweeper, who sighs over all the wasted food, and a kind patrolman, who advises them on where they can find carrots.

But not everything is as it seems, and the road to a tasty carrot is paved with various obstacles, as well as a fight.
In the end they overcome all the obstacles, and as a result you might learn from them how to helm a shopping cart, award the grand prize in a contest, or haggle in a marketplace.

And just so the new phrases won't fly out of your head like the hat of Marvello the Magician, you’ll be helped along by an interactive screenplay with translation, which you can use to easily return to any phrase. You can also create audio flash cards or cover the translation or English text to check whether or not you understand correctly. In the quiz section you can focus on practicing the most important phrases, colors, plurals, and verbs.

Try it! Learn English, it will help you on the road and beyond.

Available languages: 

your language: German, Russian, Czech, Portugese, French, Polish, Spanish
language which you can learn: English