Bob&Bobby The World of Advertising

This could be your lucky day.*

If anyone in the advertising industry tells you you could be a “smash hit”, don’t make any hasty decisions.
In the third episode of the series, entitled World of Advertising, our rabbits also proceed with caution.
And it's a good thing, too.

Mr. Humphrey, who they at first mistook for a hippo at the swimming pavilion while escaping a crocodile, turns out to be a right crook.
When filming a commercial for dog biscuits he tries to use Bob and Bobby as bait.
In the end, however, everything turns out well - at least for our rabbits.
And Mr. Humphrey?
He may still be running around the dog track to this day.
To keep you from being taken in by any sneaky ad men, you have the option to learn several useful phrases.
And you’ll find out what a “smash hit” is.

And just so the new phrases won't fly out of your head like the hat of Marvello the Magician, you’ll be helped along by an interactive screenplay with translation, which you can use to easily return to any phrase. You can also create audio flash cards, or cover the translation or English text to check whether or not you understand correctly. In the quiz section you can focus on practicing the most important phrases and gerunds (verbs ending with -ing).

Try it! Learn English, it will help you on the road and beyond.


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language which you can learn: English