Bob&Bobby Good Deed Day

Can’t you give it a rest, just for one day?*

I can't give it a rest!
Bob and Bobby are an addiction.
Plenty of new vocabulary words and entertaining quizzes are here for you in the fifth episode of the series, this time called Good Deed Day.

Here the rabbits land on the roof of a skyscraper, their hat flies away, and as thanks for their rescue they perform a number of good deeds. They paint a flat ruined by graffiti, and help two kind sons move their mother’s flat. Of course, sometimes things are a bit different than they appear. In this episode you’ll learn how to praise someone and how to recognize a police report.

And just so the new phrases won't fly out of your head like the hat of Marvello the Magician, you’ll be helped along by an interactive screenplay with translation, which you can use to easily return to any phrase. You can also create audio flash cards, or cover the translation or English text to check whether or not you understand correctly. In the quiz section you can focus on practicing the most important phrases and the past simple tense.

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your language: German, Russian, Czech, Portugese, French, Polish, Spanish
language which you can learn: English