Bob&Bobby The Guinea Pig

​There’s more going on here than I would have thought.*

In this series about the rabbits in the hat, there’s always something going on.
Even though the sixth episode, called The Guinea Pig, doesn’t seem too action-packed at first. 
For a moment Bob and Bobby think they’ve landed on some moonscape, but soon they find that they're on a construction site where no one is building. All things become clear in the end.  The entire work disruption was caused by Rosa. But who is Rosa?
And how do you say “worksite” and “electricity”? This and more you can learn in this episode.

And just so the new phrases won't fly out of your head like the hat of Marvello the Magician, you’ll be helped along by an interactive screenplay with translation, which you can use to easily return to any phrase. You can also create audio flash cards, or cover the translation or English text to check whether or not you understand correctly. In the quiz section you can focus on practicing the most important phrases and conjunctions.

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