Bob&Bobby In Search of the Sun

​Trying to throw me off the scent* eh?

In the seventh episode, called In Search of the Sun, Bob and Bobby set off on a trip to Southern Bohemia, except that instead of a passenger airplane they catch a stunt plane, which after several somersaults does in fact catapult into the South, but a bit too far...
And now they’re all the way in Egypt. And from trudging through the desert they've seen several Fata Morganas, like a St. Wenceslas or a streetcar in Africa, luring them away from the trail. And when even an ice cream lady turns into a turtle in search of its lost eggs, even our rabbits are sure to have let the sun go to their heads.

So that your new phrases don’t spin off into kingdom come, have a look at our interactive screenplay, with its translation of all the lines, and create audio flash cards from them. Or cover the translation or the English text and try your hand at narration.
In the quiz section we’ll focus on practicing your new vocabulary words, and perhaps adjectives and comparison.

Try it! Learn English, it will help you on the road and beyond.

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