Bob&Bobby African Adventure

“Come on, it’s a piece of cake!* 

Bob and Bobby fly onward in their hat, and in the eighth episode, called African Adventure, they will show you that escaping a boiling pot of rabbit-eating natives is a piece of cake! 
How must our rabbits have reacted when they suddenly found themselves sitting not in their hat, but in a pot full of banana sauce with ginger? And around them sat natives with spears, already fired up about their ritual banquet. Anyone else would have broken out in a cold sweat, but our rabbits keep it under their hat. They indoctrinate the hungry local natives into the secrets of European agriculture and teach them to plant a carrot, which quickly becomes a specialty export, even to faraway arctic countries. And here the English language would surely come in handy for our carrot traders!
And so that you, too, might gain as many new skills as possible from this episode, we’ve prepared a bilingual interactive screenplay for you, from which you can create your own interactive audio flash cards. Or cover part of the screenplay and test yourself to see if you understand without hints. In the quiz section we’ll focus on practicing your new vocabulary words, phrasal verbs, and sentence construction.
Try it! Learn English, it will help you on the road and beyond.

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your language: German, Russian, Czech, Portugese, French, Polish, Spanish
language which you can learn: English