Bob&Bobby Camel Trek

Why not climb aboard?*

Come hop along with us for the ninth episode of the series about the rabbits in the hat, this one entitled Camel Trek.
At the end of our story, you can look forward to a beautiful oasis full of new vocabulary words.
Now it looks as though Bob and Bobby have befriended a countrywoman in Africa, a Czech magpie, but this magpie has just ruined everything. She stole the rabbits’ hat and flew away with it to faraway Dakar!
Fortunately Bob and Bobby have traded a gold ring for the best possible form of desert transportation, a friendly camel.
And he sure knows how to step on it! In less than a week they’ve got their hat back in their hands and the magpie’s got what was coming to her. Hop into your English studies with our rabbits!

So that the magpie doesn't steal any of your new vocabulary words, carefully review both the interactive screenplay and your audio flash cards. In the quiz section we will focus on your new vocabulary, articles, and phrasal verbs.
Try it! Learn English, it will help you on the road and beyond.


Available languages: 

your language: German, Russian, Czech, Portugese, French, Polish, Spanish
language which you can learn: English