Olive Green part 1 (A1)

I'm Olive. Nice to meet you, too!*

Meet Olive, your new guide to the study of English. Olive Green was filmed with you in mind, students of English who go for it while watching movies. The film won several awards, from the Golden Dolphin at Cannes to the Gold World Medal at the New York Festivals World’s Best TV and Film Awards. The language difficulty increases throughout the plot, and you’ll rapidly get from beginner-level sentences to an advanced level of English. In the first part you will hear mostly English at the A1 level of the Common European Framework of References for Languages.

The American Olive takes a clear interest in the Briton Curtis Murray. Then again, maybe more in his father Robert, who owns a collection of important impressionist paintings. And Olive has taken a fancy to one piece in particular. Thistle flowers. Except that she isn’t the art lover she appears to be... She’s interested in the painting from a purely professional perspective. That of a professional thief.

But don't allow yourself to be robbed of even one new word or phrase. So that you don't miss out on anything, we’ve prepared an interactive bilingual screenplay for you, audio flash cards, explanations, and especially a quiz section, in which you can check to make sure nothing got away from you. And whether you could create Olive's personal recording yourself or whether you can manage English word order. In other words, whether you can handle the A1 level.

Watch out and keep an eye on your English!

Available languages: 

your language: German, Russian, Czech, French, Polish, Spanish
language which you can learn: English