Olive Green part 2 (A2)

It's more complicated than that!*

In the second half of the film Olive Green, specially filmed for English language instruction, you will hear not only American and British English, but also English spoken with a French accent. After all, its creators received a prestigious award from the Cannes Film Festival. And because the language difficulty increases from one part to the next, now you will be learning phrases and grammar at the A2 level.

And yet it is not just the English that becomes more complicated, but the plot. And once again Olive’s life will become intertwined with that of the policeman David, who has more than a weakness for the young thief. And because Olive didn't have her heist in the Murray home completely under control, and was spotted by none other than Robert himself, she will have to take great care who she meets with, shares information with, and trusts.

What do you think? Do you believe that with Mooveez you can guard your newly acquired knowledge of English? We offer you a bilingual interactive screenplay, audio flash cards, and a quiz section that will allow you to easily practice modal verbs or the basic differences between past and present tenses.

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