Olive Green part 3 (B1)

Blending in... ... this is what we're aiming for!*

In each part of the British-Polish film for English language learning, Olive Green, the difficulty of the English used increases. In Part III phrases are heard at the B1 level. With each part your knowledge of grammar increases as well. And yet... don't take your example from the oversimplified English of Russian mobsters. Our common goal is for native speakers not to be able to tell where we’re from right away, right?

Not only thieves, but also businesspeople and ordinary tourists sometimes need to fit in with locals and learn their customs and everyday lives. Or simply not to stand out. To earn the trust of others. That’s what Olivie’s partner David is trying to do, and it looks like it’s working.

So that your Czech accent won't stand out at first hearing, come train British English with David and American English with Olive using our interactive screenplay. And don't stop at your accent, but continue on to train your grammar with linguistic exercises. This time we’ll focus on conditional sentences and spelling, areas where mistakes are common and the risk of exposure is great. Watch out!

Available languages: 

your language: German, Russian, Czech, French, Polish, Spanish
language which you can learn: English