Olive Green part 4 (B2)

I can't leave you being so bored.*

In the fourth part of the learning film Olive Green, things start to get tough. Not just in terms of language, although the B2 level is sometimes pretty complex.

This time we transition into the past in order to understand how the relationships between almost all the participants are mutually intermingled and why Robert Murray is so burned by what lies behind the impressionist painting “Thistle Flowers”. And we finally learn who owns that mysterious voice we heard right at the beginning of the story with Olive over the phone, and what started this entire secret mission and your adventurous study of English. 

We hope that the pursuit of better English doesn't bore you and that you’re learning every new word with gusto. To help you along, try using our bilingual interactive screenplay to create your own audio flash cards, or write some dictation. In the quiz section you can try your hand at detective work and seek out the proper order of the conversation between Robert and David, or practice the future tense.

Available languages: 

your language: German, Russian, Czech, French, Polish, Spanish
language which you can learn: English