Mooveez – an app for learning languages using films. It actively uses the accelerated ‘Scandinavian’ style of language learning.

Practise understanding authentic languages: English, German, French, Spanish or Russian. The app can be used by students for self study as well as by teachers for effective language learning using movies.


How does Mooveez work?

The Scandinavian Phenomenon

While the whole world struggles to learn English, in Scandinavia, almost everyone knows English. This is because in Scandinavia everyone watches movies with subtitles. This includes children who typically watch fairy tales in their original versions with subtitles. This way they build up an incredible passive vocabulary and a feel for the language, which they then simply need to ‘activate’ with their teacher at school.


To master a foreign language you need frequent contact with authentic speech

If you’d like to learn a new language really well, then you need to be in frequent, ideally daily, contact with authentic language. First, you need to build up a passive vocabulary which is connected to specific situations. Activation with a teacher is then very easy and the whole process is surprisingly quick.

British Council Award Winner

Mooveez is the best app in the world if you want to acquire a passive vocabulary.​With the help of the great methodological tools in the app, you will understand and remember everything very well in no time. This is why we were awarded the Global Innovation of the Year in 2016 by the British Council. We were judged as winners from a pool of hundreds of other entries.



9 reasons why Mooveez accelerates the development of your language skills


Movies are a reflection of real life

Inside the Mooveez app, films are arranged according to difficulty as well as genre, so there is something for everyone.

Repeated playback

Mooveez allows you to slow down your listening experience – for instance, you can replay scenes or sections as many times as you like.

Easily switch between translations​
You can easily switch between the subtitle modes – either foreign language, (such as English), or your language, or none.

Daily contact with the language

The student will receive an alert every day to do their activity. This way they are in everyday contact with the language.

Thorough translations

In Mooveez, film dialogues have been transcribed exactly and also professionally translated so they are excellent teaching tools.

Audio flashcards
To help with easier repetition, audio flashcards can be created from any sentence of movie dialogue.

Student/teacher interaction
Our experts analyse each movie and use it to create quizzes for students and methodology based teaching materials for teachers. This creates a perfect harmony between what the student does daily at home and what they learn with their teacher during lessons.

Engaging all the senses helps with remembering

There is almost no forgetting, since by engaging all the senses, the movie and the newly acquired vocabulary are written into long term memory.

Easy repetition

Repetition is so easy – all you need to do is to occasionally replay the lessons already completed from a movie.

Mooveez is a great tool for teachers and for learning in class or online

With the help of the Teacher Portal, teachers can prepare great lessons which activate the language 'listened' from movies. The students then start using whole sentences or parts of them simultaneously.