How Mooveez can help you

At Mooveez we create study materials out of films

The app features interactive movie scripts which will enable you to return to individual sections in the film. Bilingual audio flashcards that make it easier to memorise phrases and which are a fantastic help with repetition. The Notes feature in the app will enable you to understand cultural contexts, language idioms as well as everyday jokes. Mooveez will give you important feedback and statistics on your successes as you progress, which will provide you with the necessary motivation to continue learning. With the help of the virtual "blotter", you can cover up the translation and watch the movie with the original word for word script.

The Mooveez app now has improved streaming. This means that you no longer have to download movies and content to your device. You can now also study online.

Movies in their original language are a great source of getting to know authentic language. Explore the unique methods that speed up and streamline the learning process with the help of movies. The Mooveez
YouTube channel
is full of video tutorials which illustrate the app's functions and capabilities.

An interactive script is at the heart of Mooveez

A script rather than subtitles

The films in Mooveez have a literal transcript of the original as well as a quality translation. If you read our transcript, you know exactly what words are being spoken.

With the Mooveez interactive script, you know exactly which sentence you are at in the movie. With the touch of your finger, you can easily move the script back and forth - for example to phrases which you didn't understand properly. And you can do this as often as you like. This is helpful when you haven't understood a particular phrase properly. You can then create an audio flashcard from this phrase or write a note for yourself.


You can create your own dual language audio flashcards

Create a flashcard


Mark those phrases that are difficult for you and which you want to repeat by tapping on them. This will create dual language audio flashcards which make repetition easier and which will also enable you to come back to those phrases easily. You can then listen to the selected phrase over and over to try to repeat the pronunciation.

You can choose from two flashcard settings - either with the translation on the face side up or the original language on the face side down. Try to translate the phrase but before you turn the card over, play the original audio of the phrase you are trying to repeat.

I know that!

You can easily mark those phrases in the script which you have already mastered. By doing this, you'll improve your language learning statistics and what's more, the colour coded dialogue will enable you to better focus on other scenes.


Language and cultural explanations - a great value add!


It's common when learning a language that even if you understand each word in a sentence, the sentence as a whole still doesn't make sense to you. Often this is due to idioms, culturally specific allusions or jokes which a native speaker would understand.


Whenever something like this occurs in a film, the app will pause the movie at that point. You can then read in the notes why and how the expression was used and exactly what it means. You can of course switch off these pauses for notes the next time you watch the movie.



In the Notes, the Mooveez app will also explain interesting language occurences which you will work with in the quizzes. Movies are full of examples of grammar anomalies which occur in a dramatic context.

  • Mooveez quizzes are based on the storyline of the film

  • The are various types of quizzes and exercises available

  • You can return to exercises at any time and as often as you like to repeat them :-)

Your task is easy - to master them all!  To check your answer, just use the relevant button.

Immediate feedback


It's difficult to study anything if you don't know whether you're getting better at it or not. Especially when you reach a certain level, then it becomes difficult to monitor whether you're improving. With the films and TV shows on Mooveez, the feedback is instant and simple - you notice yourself that you understand the film more and more and this has a positive influence on your motivation.

Of course, our exercises are another type of feedback and there are a whole range of these with every film.


The blotter

A great tool when lerning with Mooveez is something which we call "The blotter" and which you can use to cover the text of either the translation or the original script. It is located at the bottom right of the script. You can control it with your finger and drag it up, or to either side of the screen.

  • If you already know a little bit of the language you're learning, you can cover the translation and watch the movie with the original script. By doing that, you'll understand the spoken text much better and you'll also grasp the pronunciation of individual words.

  • If you are a beginner, we recommend covering the side of the screen with the original on it and fully concentrating on the translated text. Follow the translation along with the story and the movie's original sound all together and you'll know exactly what's going on in each scene. You can add the original script in the next stage of your learning journey.


Online as well as offline

You no longer need to download movies and other material on to your device. If you're connected to wifi or you are on a great mobile plan, you can study with Mooveez online. On the other hand, having study materials downloaded on your device will come in handy when you are going to places where you won't have access to the internet.




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