General Terms and Conditions

General Terms & Conditions and the Rules of Processing Personal Data used in the context of the Contractual Relationship with the Mooveez Application User.


USE OF THE USER'S PERSONAL DATA (hereinafter also referred to as “Contractual Conditions”).


1. Introductory Provisions


1.1. These Contractual Conditions have been issued by MOOVEEZ company as with its registered office at U Golfu 144, 109 00 Prague 10, Horní Měcholupy, Company ID 06488684, TIN CZ06488648, as entered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Městský soud v Praze (in English : Municipal Court in Prague), File Ref. B22873 (hereinafter referred to as “MOOVEEZ company”). The use of the Mooveez app developed and owned by MOOVEEZ company, and the subscription of services and purchases of e-learning materials with films in the Mooveez app are governed by these Contractual Conditions as soon as you (“you” or the “User” ) agree with them as terms and conditions of a contract entered into between you and MOOVEEZ company.


1.2. The subject of this legally binding contract is the use of the Mooveez app and services offered as a part of the app by MOOVEEZ company (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Services”), including access to the content of the Mooveez app.


1.3. MOOVEEZ company provides Services directly, through e-merchants as Intermediaries or through registrations available via social networks (Facebook, VKontakte).  


For the purposes here, the Intermediaries are as follows:


Google Inc.

1600 Amphitheater Parkway

Mountain View, CA 94043


Apple Inc.

One Apple Park Way

Cupertino, CA 95014


(hereinafter individually and jointly also referred to as “Intermediaries”). The contractual relationship between you and the Intermediary is independent and although such a relationship is a condition of the use of Services, MOOVEEZ company does not make it a condition that the use of the Services by the User creates a legalized form of the relationship.


1.4. The User makes payments for the Services directly to MOOVEEZ company or the User pays them to the Intermediary through a third entity - a payment service provider which has a contractual relationship with the Intermediary and the User; the payment method provider is thus involved in making payments for the Services. The User's personal data collected by the payment service provider and / or Intermediary from the User is not, as a rule, directly communicated to, shared with or transferred to MOOVEEZ company. MOOVEEZ company receives only the respective portions of the User's payments, less the contractual fees of the Intermediary and the payment method provider.


2. Consent to Contractual Conditions

2.1. In order to use these Services you must first consent to these Contractual Conditions.


2.2. You give your consent to the Contractual Conditions when signing up, direct in the app.


2.3. By consenting to these Contractual Conditions the User affirms that he / she is familiar with these Conditions and that he / she agrees with all the provisions therein. To avoid any doubt, for the purposes in, the User is anybody who has used the Mooveez app in the past, or wishes or intends to use it in the future.  


2.4. To enter into a contractual relationship between you and MOOVEEZ company with respect to the Mooveez app, you need to read and express your consent to the Personal Data Rules referred to in  Section 6 hereof.  


3. Language of Contractual Conditions  


3.1. If, in addition to Czech and English language versions of these Contractual Conditions, MOOVEEZ company has provided a version of these Contractual Conditions in a different language, you acknowledge that this other language version has been provided solely for your convenience and that your relationship shall be governed by the Czech or English language version of the Contractual Conditions.  


3.2. In the event of any discrepancy between the Czech and English language versions, the Czech version shall prevail.  


4. Provision of Services by MOOVEEZ company


4.1. The main purpose of MOOVEEZ company services is to teach a foreign language in an innovative, effective way, to improve understanding and comprehension of language in context, to memorize new words and phrases, to understand and practice the grammar rules of a foreign language, and to track the development of the User's language skills.


4.2. MOOVEEZ company is constantly working on innovations in the Mooveez app and its associated functions in order to provide the Users with the best possible services. You acknowledge and consent that the form and character of the Services provided by MOOVEEZ company may be updated in accordance with Article 13 in order to improve the provision of these Services.


4.3. MOOVEEZ company reserves the right to temporarily make the Service unavailable due to repairs, updates, modifications, or maintenance of the application, without the prior consent of the Users, if necessary.


4.4. MOOVEEZ company is not liable for damage caused by the User or any third party associated with any outage or other disruption of the aforementioned provision of the Services.


4.5. MOOVEEZ company is not responsible for disruptions or the faulty performance of services caused by third parties (namely mobile operators, providers of telecommunication services, and providers of electrical power).


5. Use of Services by the User


5.1. You undertake to use the Services for the purposes permitted by (a) the Contractual Conditions, and (b) the applicable laws, regulations, or other generally accepted rules.


5.2. MOOVEEZ company declares that the works available in the Mooveez app (ie the content) are subject to MOOVEEZ company copyright, or third-party copyright and may be used in the Mooveez app strictly to the extent stipulated in these Contractual Conditions. Within the parameters of use allowed in the Mooveez app, in case of a breach of your obligations under these Contractual Conditions, you will be responsible for violating such third party rights and consequences thereof. The use of the Mooveez app is in particular subject to the relevant third party licenses granted to MOOVEEZ company within the countries covered. Note that for each of the films, the geographical scope of the license may vary, ie some films are only available from some countries from which the User can register and / or connect to the Mooveez app.


5.3. You acknowledge that you will not copy the Services or parts thereof for any reason, in whole or in part, not to provide previews to social networks, including screen shots, not to distribute, modify, or sell, or use for any purposes other than language learning on authorized devices.


5.4. You acknowledge that you are fully responsible for any violation of your responsibilities stipulated by these Contractual Conditions, as well as for any consequences of such violations.


5.5. MOOVEEZ company advises that all the works available in the Mooveez app are protected by a security system against the unauthorized use of works in the Mooveez app.


5.6. The following is provided directly by MOOVEEZ company as necessary for the provision of Services:

(a) Registration, ie creating the User account free of charge (hereinafter also referred to as the “Account”) identifying the User based on the provided email address; the Account is kept free of charge for at least one device by MOOVEEZ company;

(b) Activation of the Account free of charge using an access code (or using the registration information for an existing account of the Intermediary, which is connected to the registration form);

(c) Reading and consenting to the Personal Data Rules (without the need to give consent to use any additional data of the User or with use for purposes other than the commencement or fulfillment of a contract);

(d) The Account may be deactivated or canceled, among others, based on the User's explicit request addressed to MOOVEEZ company;

(e) User support is provided free of charge, in Czech and / or in English and is reserved for: 

- replying to the User's questions with respect to the Services and any use thereof, including the support of Services which are provided both directly and indirectly, as expressly specified in

- replying to the User's questions with respect to their personal data.


5.7. The following is provided indirectly by MOOVEEZ company as necessary for the provision of Services:

(and)  The Mooveez app is used on third-party mobile iOS and Android platforms with the platform operators acting as Intermediaries;

(b)  Mooveez app support is provided to the User strictly by MOOVEEZ company and is free of charge;

(C)  Purchases of Services in the MOOVEEZ application are linked to the User's Mooveez app Account and are governed by third-party license terms and are based on licenses obtained by MOOVEEZ company from a respective third party; ie licenses may vary depending on the country and time of use; and

(d) Services are provided in packages and at prices indicated in the Mooveez app and are limited in time by the rights of MOOVEEZ company to the given film provided as a part of the Services; Services are also provided free of charge as a trial for a duration as set out in the relevant offer accompanying the trial.  


6. Personal Data 

6.1. With respect to the Users' personal data and the protection thereof, MOOVEEZ company shall be governed by these rules (elsewhere in these Contractual Conditions also referred to as “Personal Data Rules”), and by other regulations provided it is stipulated here. Personal data means any data relating to an identified or identifiable, directly or indirectly, natural person, ie you with respect to these Personal Data Rules.


6.2. In order to provide its Services, MOOVEEZ company minimizes the necessary personal data, including technical data, so that it can provide Services without detailed personal identification of the User while respecting any contractual arrangements with third parties regarding licensing elements of the Services; specifically regarding the territorial scope of the license, (note that personal data including technical data, processed by automated means, is further jointly referred to as “Data”).


6.3. MOOVEEZ company acts both as the data controller and, as a rule, the data processor. You enter the Data yourself or the data will be automatically generated via technical means.  


6.4. Applicable laws and regulations

In order to process the Data, MOOVEEZ company shall act in compliance with EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and the repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulation”) and the Personal Data Protection Act No. 101/2000 Coll., As amended (and the regulation that will replace it in connection with the direct implementation of the Regulation in the Czech law as at 25 May 2018, hereinafter also referred to as the “Act”), and other legally binding regulations. In the event of any discrepancy, relevant laws and regulations shall take precedence over the Data Protection Rules.  


6.5. Purpose of Data processing

Personal Data allows, in particular, a secure access to the Mooveez app and the use of Services when provided for the User's registration and his or her access to the Mooveez app, and serve for geo-location purposes where, depending on the login site, the Mooveez app displays content corresponding to the respective territory and rights (in compliance with MOOVEEZ company licenses), which MOOVEEZ company has to the content displayed by the Mooveez app, and also allow the ongoing optimization of the Mooveez app thanks to its further development. 

Mooveez also collects information about your progress in learning, but these are only available to you on your device; in the future, for the full interconnection of each of your devices, it will be possible to pass on information about your progress in language learning by technical means, using technical information and without the need to further identify you.

To ensure the best possible use of Services for you MOOVEEZ company also uses your email address to reply to your queries, and as a means of technical and user support and as an indicator of the profile connection between up to three (3) devices.


6.6. Data processed with the explicit consent of the User outside of the contract. Data obtained by MOOVEEZ company from you by other means than the contract and the provision of basic Services thereunder, separately or for other purposes, are governed by these Personal Data Rules only partially; the terms and conditions are stated in your separate and explicit consent with respect to any such data provided outside the Contractual Conditions which can be withdrawn at any time regardless of the provision of Services hereunder.  


6.7. Recipient data

The recipient of your Data shall be MOOVEEZ company. If it receives the Data from a third party, in particular an Intermediary, MOOVEEZ company shall act in compliance with the Regulation and the Act.   


6.8. Data processed by MOOVEEZ company

For the purposes of processing under these Personal Data Rules, MOOVEEZ company obtains or may obtain Data by entering into a contract with you and by fulfilling obligations of MOOVEEZ company which constitutes legal grounds for the Data processing - ie without your consent (and related identifiers) constituting legal grounds for processing your Data. The collected Data are as follows:

• The name you enter;

• Valid email address (any wording);

• Password to access the Mooveez app.

• Date of inquiry and matching replies with inquiries;

• IP address;

• Date Mooveez app is downloaded and uninstalled (without registration this Data is only linked to the IP address and is not used by the Company, ie it will record which Services you used free of charge);

• Date of subscription;

• Date of cancellation of the subscription;

• Type of device on which the Mooveez app was downloaded, or where you log in to the app

• Information connecting the device and your downloaded version of the Mooveez app, with the possibility to upgrade it with your explicit consent;

• List of purchases in the Mooveez app;

• Service purchase receipts; and

• Type of browser.


6.9. Rights with respect to non-verification of identity as the Data processed by MOOVEEZ company in do not require verification of your identity, MOOVEEZ company is not authorized to request more information to verify your identification. Unless the Act or the Regulation stipulate otherwise, the provisions of the Regulation regarding the right of access to Data, right of rectification and deletion of Data, right of restriction of processing, as well as reporting requirements with respect to rectification or deletion of Data or restriction of processing, and right of portability of Data shall not apply. However, the Company provides you with information about your Data within the scope of the Mooveez app, and offers the opportunity to change the registered email address and device as detailed in the Contractual Conditions.


6.10. Legal basis for the Data processing. As a rule, the legal basis for the Data processing is the contractual relationship between you and MOOVEEZ company, and the fulfillment by MOOVEEZ of its legal rights and obligations with respect to you, its license partners as well as its public obligations, and for the purposes of archiving, if required by law, then your Data will  not be processed until after your explicit consent has been obtained and for the duration thereof.  

If stipulated by the Regulation or the Act with respect to the Data, you have the right to obtain the confirmation whether the Data has been processed, and, if it has, you have the right to access the Data unless it is excluded by the Regulation or the Act. We will provide you with a copy of the data in machine-readable format and in an appropriate interface on request.


6.11. Overview of your basic rights with respect to the Data:

If the Regulation or the Act stipulates so as permitted by law in relation to processing, you have the following rights with respect to the Data:

(a) Where you have given legal consent as required by law to have your Data processed, you have the right to withdraw the consent at any time;

(b) The right to change ie correct / rectify the entered Data or add to the Data;

(c) The right to request a restriction on the processing of the Data with your consent forming the legal basis for its processing;

(d) The right to object against or to lodge a complaint about its processing;

(e) The right to request the transfer of the Data;

(f) The right to access the Data;

(g) The right to be informed about a breach of Data security;

(h) The right to have the Data erased (“the right to be forgotten”); 

(i) Other rights as stipulated in legal regulations for controllers and processors.

For the avoidance of any doubt, you have the above rights with respect to the Data where your identity has been established or to other Data if stipulated by the Regulation or the Act for any such other Data.


6.12. Withdrawal of prior informed consent; effects of uninstalling of the Mooveez app. If you gave your separate consent to the use of the Data, you can withdraw this consent directly in the app in Settings and MOOVEEZ company will stop processing such Data. The withdrawal of this consent shall be without prejudice to the legality of the Data processing which was done and used  prior to the withdrawal. Withdrawal of your consent shall also be without prejudice to the processing of the Data undertaken by MOOVEEZ company on legal grounds other than those of the consent, such as the processing necessary for MOOVEEZ company to meet its contractual or legal obligations or for other reasons as stipulated in the applicable laws and regulations.

You can terminate your relationship with MOOVEEZ company by uninstalling the MOOVEEZ app from the last device into which  it had  been downloaded. Hence, the Services shall be no longer provided and the Data shall be no longer processed. However, this does not mean that we will not archive certain parts of your Data pursuant to laws and regulations. 

You can always request the erasure of your personal data or cancellation of your account directly in the Mooveez app in Settings.

By deleting your personal data you do not delete the Data collected for the period of the contractual relationship with you.   


6.13. Changes, correction / rectification and addition of the Data. Some Data (IP address or another IT identifier) are allocated to the device which you use to connect to the Mooveez app via technical means without MOOVEEZ company being involved; this Data will be changed by you automatically with respect to MOOVEEZ company based on your choice of the electronic device or internet connection.  

You can change the password you use to enter the Mooveez app at any time, using the registration form in the Mooveez app (via password reset). The password is not known to MOOVEEZ company; it is encrypted and is exclusively for your use.

Information about credit or payment cards, ie the method of payment for the paid use of the Mooveez app to the Intermediary via AppStore or Google Play may be changed in compliance with the terms and conditions of the operator of the given platform.  


6.14. Right to restrict Data processing

MOOVEEZ company respects your right as set out by the law with respect to the Data to request the restriction of the Data processing and MOOVEEZ company obligation to comply with any such request as specified by law. 

Please send any such requests to


6.15. Objections and complaints. You have the right to object to or to lodge a complaint against Data processing as set out by the relevant laws and regulations. In cases stipulated by laws and regulations, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority; this is the Office for Personal Data Protection in Prague.  


6.16. Right to the transfer  of the Data. As set out by laws and regulations with respect to the Data, you have the right to the transfer of the Data, ie provision of the Data to a third party.  Please note that most of the Data is retained only for the period when you stay online and use the Mooveez app and is deleted after you stop using it. Such Data cannot be transferred. 

The portability of the Data is ensured by access to an interface where you are able to download the relevant Data in a standard, machine-readable format.

6.17. Right of access to the Data 

In the Mooveez app you can access information about what Data is processed by MOOVEEZ company.


6.18. Protection of Data from abuse 

MOOVEEZ company protects your Data from abuse by third parties through technology. MOOVEEZ company controls and optimizes the technical security solutions, and, in the event of a suspected breach of security, or in the event of an established breach of security, informs the competent authorities and / or you, in accordance with its legal obligations. Please take care to protect the Data you enter such as your user name and password and use an appropriate and secure email account. 

The Data is also protected by firewall, encrypted password for authentication purposes (only you know the password and in case you forget it, you can ask for a substitute password to be sent via email.) The data is stored on Amazon servers operated by Google Inc.  


6.19. Suspected abuse of the Data

If you suspect that your Data has been or could be abused, please contact MOOVEEZ company by email at or using the contact form in the Mooveez app. 

If MOOVEEZ company suspects that there has been a breach of data security, MOOVEEZ company will inform you as required by the Regulation and / or the Act.

If MOOVEEZ company suspects there has been a breach of data security, MOOVEEZ company shall inform the supervisory authority without any unnecessary delay, except where it is unlikely that the breach could result in a risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons. Where the breach could result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons, MOOVEEZ company shall also inform you without any unnecessary delay.


6.20. Deletion (the right to be forgotten) 

You can delete your Data and be forgotten directly in the Mooveez app in Settings, where such use of your Data is based on your consent. This applies primarily to the Data which is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which it was collected or otherwise processed. In case of data processed based on an explicit consent, there are no other legal grounds for further processing when you withdraw your consent, there are no other legal grounds for further processing when you object to the Data processing or when the Data has been processed illegally or the deletion is requested in compliance with a law or regulation. Unless a law or regulation stipulates otherwise, the deletion will be made to the extent that your further identification is not necessary and the rights of third parties are not violated.


6.21. Period of Data retention

MOOVEEZ company retains the Data collected and processed for the duration of the contractual period with you, ie for the period of use of the Mooveez app until you cancel your account.

MOOVEEZ company also retains the Data to the extent required by its obligations stipulated by laws and regulations and for the period stipulated by such laws and regulations, ie in this respect in regards to particular tax regulations and regulations in the area of e-communications.

To the extent that the Data is not necessary to meet contractual obligations towards you or legal obligations during or after the termination of the contractual relationship with you, the Data is deleted immediately (eg the IP address after logging out of the Mooveez app or on termination of the Internet connection).


6.22. MOOVEEZ company marketing communications. Your data shall not be used for the purposes of MOOVEEZ company communications without your explicit consent.  


6.23. Disclosure of the Data to third parties

The Data is not collected to be transferred to third parties to be able to send informational or other communications. 

By exception, the Data may be transferred due to technical measures taken in connection with the use of the Mooveez app. MOOVEEZ company represents that such entities shall be liable to MOOVEEZ company for ensuring compliance with Data protection under these Personal Data Rules and the provisions of the Regulation or the Act.


6.24. Information about methods of payment, credit and payment cards

Information about credit and payment cards or other methods of payment and data provided during the payment are not disclosed by MOOVEEZ company.


6.25. Who will access the Data

Data shall be accessed by MOOVEEZ company, specifically by persons who handle the Data, in particular technicians. 

In addition, external technicians may have access to the Data as processors who provide certain technical services, server repairs, and ensure security of the Data storage and other information, as well as any public authorities with a legal right to access such Data, or a lawyer in the event of a dispute.


6.26. Contact email with respect to the Data. If necessary and in case of any doubt regarding the Data, please contact MOOVEEZ company using a contact form in the MOOVEEZ app.


7. Content provided with Services


7.1. You acknowledge that as the person who has given consent you are fully responsible for all information (written text, music, sound, photography, video, or other images) to which you will gain access to through the Services or their use. All such information shall hereafter be referred to as “Content”. MOOVEEZ company has further outlined this in in Section 5 above.


7.2. Please bear in mind that the Content that is presented to you as part of Services is protected by intellectual property rights and that it is owned by the business partners who have provided this content to MOOVEEZ company exclusively in order to use the Services. You are not permitted to alter, sell, lend, or distribute this Content or create any derivative work from it (whether in whole or in part).


7.3. You acknowledge that through the use of the Services you may be presented with Content that you might personally consider offensive, immoral, or undesirable, and that, with regards to this, you are using the Services at your own risk.


8. License Provided by MOOVEEZ company


8.1. For the period you use these services, MOOVEEZ company issues you a personal, non-transferable, and non-exclusive license for the use of the software (hereinafter referred to as “Software”) that MOOVEEZ company provides as part of the Services. The exclusive purpose of this license is to use the Services and gain from them benefits in the manner permitted by the Contractual Conditions.


8.2. Given the above provisions, you may not copy, alter, create new derivative work from, reverse engineer, decompile, or in any other way attempt to extract the source code from the Software or any part thereof.

8.3. The Services may contain hypertext links to other web pages or content from other sources. MOOVEEZ company does not control web sites or sources provided by companies or persons other than MOOVEEZ company.

9. Use of the Mooveez App on Multiple Devices / Registrations

9.1. Once you register you may use the Mooveez app on  up to  three (3) mobile devices.

9.2. If you exceed this limit and the need to use the Mooveez app on another device, you will be requested to uninstall the Mooveez app from the one previous device in order to use it on the new device.


9.3. Since the content you purchase may have a large volume of Data, you can take advantage of the Archive service in the cloud. You will be able to download this content at any time in the future.


9.4. You agree to provide valid data when registering for the use of the Service (hereinafter referred to as “Registration Data”), and undertake to update your Registration Data so that it is valid and can be used to log in the Mooveez app, and that any other data to which you have given your consent for use is accurate and valid.  


9.5. You agree that MOOVEEZ company may retain and use the Registration Data you provide for the purpose of administering your Account on multiple devices.


10. Payments and Payment Principles


10.1. When using the Services, you can (in accordance with your use of the Services or as a result of their use) purchase content that is a part of the Mooveez app. MOOVEEZ company does not guarantee the term of license authorization regarding such content other than as defined in Section 12.5 of these Contractual Conditions.


10.2. If a credit or debit card is used to pay for transactions, MOOVEEZ company or any party authorized by the same may carry out a preliminary authorization and block funds up to the full amount of the order. Processing of your payment is done at the moment of your transaction or shortly thereafter.


10.3. You agree to pay for any Services you purchase for use in the Mooveez app, and that MOOVEEZ Company may charge you for any purchased Services through the same method of payment and deduct any amounts owed for Services provided (including any taxes) that may be payable by your Account or in connection with it (ie you consent to the collection of any amounts due).


10.4. You agree to accept tax documents in electronic format, which may include email or another method of electronic communication selected by the Intermediary (if this is the case).


10.5. The total payable price shall include the price of the Services plus any applicable value-added tax (effective as of the date of download or as of the date of start of subscription or subscription renewal). By registering in the Mooveez app in a given country, you designate this country as your country of residence for tax purposes unless otherwise provided by the method of payment for the Services (such as a credit or debit card address).


10.6. You may not cancel your order upon receipt of the digital content if such delivery was initiated at your request. At the time of such initiation you confirmed and consented to waive your right to cancelling your order.  


10.7. The MOOVEEZ app provides a free trial subscription service for a fixed period of time, as set out in the relevant offer. Changes to the terms and conditions of the Intermediary may result in changes to the free subscription trial service of the MOOVEEZ app.


11. Software Updates

11.1. The Software you use may from time to time offer updates to the Services. These updates are intended to improve, expand, and further develop the Services and may take the form of bug fixes, enhancing of functions, and the addition of new software modules or entirely new versions. You agree that as part of using the Services you will accept these updates.


12. Termination of Your Relationship with MOOVEEZ company  


12.1. The contractual relationship with you and the validity of these Contractual Conditions shall continue until use of the Services is discontinued, either on your part or on the part of MOOVEEZ company, as described below, or until any amendment of these Contractual Conditions by the MOOVEEZ company due to changes in laws and regulations.


12.2. MOOVEEZ company may terminate its legal relationship with you at any time, should any of the following apply:


12.2.1. you have violated any provision of the Contractual Conditions (or your conduct has clearly indicated intent to so act, or you are no longer capable of upholding the provisions of the Contractual Conditions); steed


12.2.2. a partner through whom MOOVEEZ company offers you its Services has terminated its relationship with MOOVEEZ company or has discontinued offering the Services to you; steed


12.2.3. MOOVEEZ company has ceased to provide Services to users in the country where you live or where you use the Services.


12.3. The user may terminate the use of the Services and the legal relationship with MOOVEEZ company following any change to the Contractual Conditions by notifying MOOVEEZ company and / or terminating the use of Services by uninstalling the app from the last of the electronic devices to which the Mooveez app has been downloaded.


12.4. The termination of these Contractual Conditions shall not have any impact on any legal rights, responsibilities, or commitments held by you and MOOVEEZ company (or the legal rights, responsibilities or commitments that you acquired during the period in which the Contractual Conditions were valid) or that are explicitly meant to remain in effect.


12.5. Services, as well as the download of the Mooveez app and access to it and / or the Software, are provided free of charge, and shall terminate immediately upon the termination of the contractual relationship with you.


13. Changes to the Contractual Conditions


13.1. MOOVEEZ company may change these Contractual Conditions from time to time. Upon making these changes, MOOVEEZ company shall publish a new wording of the Contractual Conditions at; any new Contractual Conditions will be made available to you as a part of the Services or through the Services;


14. Communication with MOOVEEZ company


14.1 Unless stipulated otherwise elsewhere in these Contractual Conditions, the User's communication with MOOVEEZ company shall be effected by email at


Contractual Conditions Version:   05

Date of Last Update:   9/16/2019