is a unique app

for practising

foreign languages with films. 

Practise understanding authentic languages: English, German, French, Spanish or Russian. The app can be used for self study or as  complementary material to your language courses with a teacher!

Winner 2016

Digital Innovation of the Year

according to the British Council.

How does Mooveez work?

Scandinavian Phenomenon 

Did you know that...

... the reason Scandinavian countries are so successful at learning English is in large part due to the fact that they watched English movies, shows and fairytales without dubbing since their early childhood

From an early age, through television, children in Scandinavia build a passive knowledge of the language which can then be easily activated by school teachers.


Learn naturally

The Mooveez app is full of unique features, which are based on the principle of learning naturally.

Thanks to the Mooveez app, you will delight in get better at languages with ease.


Why Mooveez works?

Entertainment and motivation

If you enjoy something, it's much easier to learn and to go back to learning again. And movies are entertaining!

Senses and emotions

Engaging the senses and emotions dramatically improves memory recall. Whether you laugh or cry while watching movies, it all helps.



It's more effective to practise whole phrases which can be used right away rather than drilling individual words and connecting them based on grammar rules.

Story and context

When you learn phrases in the context of movie scenes, you will remember them more easily than just as isolated sentences.

Native speech

Utilising native speech is the basis for being able to quickly understand and comprehend the meaning of foreign words and phrases.


The language used in movies is genuine, authentic language

One feature film contains up to 2000 unique words, which can be up to 70% of the most frequently used ones.

Our vision is

a world where people understand each other. 





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