How often do you expand the selection of titles available for study?

We try to increase the selection at least once a week. As soon as you register for the app we will advise you of anything new via notifications. However you’ll need to enable notifications in the app in order to receive them.

Why don't you have the latest movies?

We choose movies based on their suitability for study and for you to practise understanding. We also choose movies that you will love watching again and again. For this reason you won't find the latest hits in our selection.

Why does the selection differ in individual countries?

We negotiate individual distribution rights individually for each region and for this reason the selection on offer is not the same in each country.

How long will a movie be available for?

We sign the distribution agreements for a minimum term of 1 year, although it’s typically for longer, as it is a significant investment in terms of cost and production time to develop study materials based on the Mooveez method. This is another reason we try to maximise the amount of time that movies are available for. We advise users one month in advance of any movies which are due to be removed from the selection.



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