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Mooveez for lecturers
FREE  to  August 31, 2020 

Teaching  will be challenging for all parties in the coming weeks - you and your students. We believe that it is important to use time  and  possibilities that time offers: Full online teaching, or at least remote teaching using modern technologies.

When teaching languages  Pupils need frequent contact not only with the teacher but also with the authentic language.  In response to the situation with measures  around COVID-19  we open Mooveez and  all its content for free by the end of August 2020.

We will be happy if you use Mooveez in your private lessons and help you prepare lessons interactively and fun.


Winner 2016

Digital  Innovation  of the Year

according to  to the British Council.


Mooveez is the best way to train listening and understanding

Thanks to the Mooveez teaching portal and mobile application , you will enliven the teaching of English or the language in your class  you teach.

Language application

Mooveez helps with interactive language learning through a phone and tablet app that includes a variety of movies and exercises. Helps students maintain  frequent contact with authentic language and  speed it up  active use of language in everyday life.


Portal  for teachers

In addition to the mobile application, we also offer a web platform  Mooveez for teachers,  where we've processed a lot of movies from the app to make your lesson preparation as easy as possible. We offer divided passages according to grammar and language functions. We have prepared exercises for you for part of the film.

9 reasons why Mooveez accelerates your students' language skills

Movies are a reflection of real life
There is a lot of authentic language in them. in Mooveez are divided according to difficulty and genre, so everyone can choose.

Repeat play
Mooveez allows you to slow down when needed. Play  one sentence in the original, for example, 5 times.

Easy translation switching
You can freely alternate modes with foreign language, for example English, Czech or no subtitles.

Daily contact with the language

Every day the student receives a notification of daily activity. He has been in daily contact with the language ever since.

Perfect translation
The subtitles in the Mooveez movies are eavesdropped on and well translated, so they can be taught well.

Sound cards
A sound card can be created from each sentence of the film for easier repetition.

Symbiosis of a student with a teacher
Our experts analyze each film and create quizzes for our students
and methodological materials for their teachers. There is a perfect symbiosis
between what the student does daily at home and what he or she learns in lessons with the teacher.

Involving all the senses helps to remember
There is almost no forgetting, because thanks to the involvement of all the senses, the film and its new vocabulary are written into a long-term memory.

Easy to repeat

Repetition is so easy - that's enough  you can just occasionally play already processed lessons of the film.

Mooveez in schools




" ELTons has entered the competition

a number of projects from around the world.

An overall victory  

Mooveez proved

great tutorial   potential

in the Czech Republic and abroad "

Justin Spence

British Council,  CR

Screenshot 2020-02-21 at 11.22.45.png

Jana Maratuga

" Mooveez, these are great lesson materials - because

these are texts  about which

students want to talk

and there are basically all areas of the language,

which you want to cover. Ideal! "


Jana Maratuga

English teacher

Hanka Dedkova GYPRI.JPG



"My students are Mooveez

they quickly became popular

and they are getting better and faster,

both in language skills,

so in search

information in the scenario. "

Hanka Dědková

English teacher





" We are successfully using Mooveez for the second school year.  

It is beneficial for our teaching

and frequent diversification. "


Petr Vlasak
English teacher

Soukromé licence

I want a free license 
for your private lessons

Please fill out the short form. 
We will then send you instructions on how to activate access to the lecturer portal  and an application for your students.

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