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We have been using the Mooveez app for over two years now as an add on to our existing teaching coursework, in particular with intermediate and advanced students.


For learning languages, the Mooveez app is incomparably better than watching any movies with subtitles which are available online. This is mainly due to the exact script in English and Czech, the cultural and language explanations, the great controls and playback etc.

I don't know why but all great foreign language textbooks contain a large amount of irrelevant vocabulary. Nothing like that with Mooveez. But the app does include a heap of words and phrases which you won't find in a textbook.

The Mooveez app is in particular a great tool for youth and older children who love technology and who find it difficult to be motivated during class. And this is what we want. Children in particular love the quiz section as well as matching sentences with pictures from movie scenes.

Using Mooveez in group lessons help to 'force' learning and transforms the passive knowledge of students into active.

Radek Vranca,
Interact Trebic language school,



"A variety of projects from around the

world entered the ELTon Awards.

In becoming the overall winner,

Mooveez proved its

great learning potential

in the Czech Republic and abroad."

Justin Spence,

British Council

Czech Republic



"Mooveez means great material for lessons - because they are all about texts which students want to talk about and which include basically all the aspects of language which you want to cover. Ideal!"


English tutor

The Secondary School of Logistics Services

"We are now in our second school year of successfully using Mooveez. It has been a value add to our lessons and has also frequently added variety to them.

Petr Vlasak,

English teacher

What they said about us

"My students took to Mooveez very quickly and they are getting better and faster not just in their language skills, but also at finding information in the script."

Hanka Dědková,

English teacher, Gymnázium Přípotoční

A fantastic app for learning languages through films. The biggest advantage I see is in the ability to choose individual sentences and to learn them in the form of flashcards.

Martin Danis, 31.8.2019, Google Play

This is my first day of trying out the app and so far I'm satisfied. I like the ability to play back dialogues repeatedly. And I enjoy the quizzes.

Mirka Suchomelová, 4.9.2019, Google Play

It's great. I like the playful approach to learning.

Pavel Erdos, 31.7.2019, Google Play

I'm excited about the app. Quite often I am not able to take in the subtitles as well as the audio on movies simultaneously... let alone to also understand 'clear' phrases. The app teaches you in an entertaining way without any pressure. For me, Mooveez is 5☆.

Nikola Cizkova 16.7.2019, Google Play 

For almost three years, I have been a regular and more than satisfied user of Mooveez. I use the app every day for at least 60 minutes, so it's now become a daily ritual without which the day wouldn't be complete. Since I don't have any talent at all when it comes to languages (according to my tutors), I stopped hoping that I might ever learn to understand English better, But now, thanks to you, when I'm at the cinema, I experience incredible moments where I understand practically everything. So thank you very much once again.

ToricelliCZ, 14.12.2019, AppStore

A good app to expand your vocabulary in English.

Clarusha, 14.3.2019, AppStore




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