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The Nordic phenomenon,


9 reasons why Mooveez

  accelerates development

language skills

The Nordic phenomenon

Did you know that...


1.   Movies are a reflection of real life
There is a lot of authentic language and life situations in them. At Mooveez, movies are divided according to difficulty and genre, so everyone can choose.

2.   Movies are a reflection of real life

Mooveez allows you to slow down your listening - for example, you can play one sentence from a dialogue 5 times, if necessary.


3.   Easy translation switching

You can freely alternate modes with foreign language (eg English), Czech or no subtitles.

4.   Daily contact with the language

Every day the student receives a notification of daily activity. He has been in daily contact with the language ever since.

5.   Perfect translation
The dialogues in the Mooveez films are precisely transcribed and professionally translated, so they can be taught well.

6.   Sound cards 
A sound card can be created from each sentence of the film for easier repetition

7.   Student's interaction with the teacher
Our experts analyze each lm and create quizzes for our students and methodological materials for their teachers. There is a perfect harmony between what a student does daily at home and what he or she learns in lessons with a teacher.

8.   Involving all the senses helps to remember

There is almost no forgetting, because thanks to the involvement of all the senses, the film and its new vocabulary are written into a long-term memory.

9.   Easy to repeat
Repetition is so easy - you just have to play the lessons of the film from time to time.


"If you enjoy something,

so you learn

whether you plan to or not.
Progress in knowledge acquisition is simply unavoidable. "

The paradox of edutainment  =  a combination of entertainment and teaching

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