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What is Mooveez?

Mooveez is a language learning app designed to help you understand foreign languages. It’s suitable for learners at all levels. It’s also suitable for children, thanks to its wide variety of available learning material. In short, it’s for anyone who wants to practise understanding real, native speech.
The Mooveez learning materials partially replicate a native language environment. In the app, these materials add value and push the ‘practise of understanding’ to such a level that the app has been recognised and awarded by language experts from the British Council as well as by leading linguists and methodologists from different countries.

How is watching a film with Mooveez different from watching a standard film with subtitles?

The entire Mooveez selection has been re-translated. No words have been left out or modified, as is often the case with standard movie subtitles. And instead of adapting idioms, cultural quips or jokes - we explain them. Plus there are a variety of language quizzes available for every film. A couple of huge advantages of Mooveez are its easy navigation through the transcript and the ability to cover the original or translated pages with a ‘blotter’.

What languages can I practise with Mooveez?

The core of the app is in English. However, over time, we have added other languages, namely Spanish, French, German and Russian. Trial and paid subscriptions include access to all languages and their study materials.

What languages is the Mooveez app available in? / What translation languages does it offer?

You can practise the languages which Mooveez has on offer (English, German, Spanish, Russian and French) with help from translations into Czech, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish and Brazilian Portugese. The app is translated into all of these languages.

Is it possible to learn to speak with the Mooveez app too?

Mooveez helps you practise understanding. And understanding a language is the basis for you to be able to actively use it and to speak it.

What sort of study plan do you recommend?

The app Wizard will show you the recommended process to follow with your study. Download the app on Google Play or the App Store, create a Mooveez user account and try out your full access to all of the app's functions and study materials for free and without any obligation for 14 days.

I am beginner. Is Mooveez also for me?

Absolutely. Although you will need a little more patience, your lower language level might even be to your advantage. You will learn phrases which are actually used and thanks to the audio-visual experience connected with them, the words will stick better since they appear in the context of how they would actually be used.

Is Mooveez also suitable for children?

Yes. Mooveez is also suitable for children due to the diverse selection of movie titles available. A specific movie title for underage students should be chosen by a parent or another adult.



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