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Technical questions

What platform and devices does Mooveez work on?

Mooveez works on tablets and smartphones of both major operating systems - iOS (version 10.0 and higher) and Android (version 4.4 and higher). You can also view the app via Apple TV and ChromeCast. Other than these, other device options are based on the specifications of your device - they may be compatible with Mooveez but Mooveez has not been specifically designed to work on them.

Is it possible to use the app on desktop computers or notebooks?

No, this is currently not possible. Windows, MacOS, Linux and ChromeOS operating systems as well as Android software emulators are not supported.

Can I use Mooveez on more than one device simultaneously?

Yes, you can be logged into up to three devices at the same time with the one account.

If I use the app on more than one device, will the same information be displayed on all?

Yes, it will be the same on all devices as the selection of study materials is linked to your Mooveez account.
You can download or archive study materials to individual devices as needed. However it is not currently possible to synchronise any of your study progress in the app across devices.

How much space will the study materials take up?

The size of the movies mainly depends on their length, but it ranges between 200 MB and 2 GB.

Can I save on to a memory card from the app?

Yes, you can download study materials and save them to a micro SD card on devices with an Android operating system.

I don't have room for another movie on my device. What can I do?

In those versions of the app which support online playback (streaming), there is no need to download the movies on to your device. But if for whatever reason you need to download a movie (eg. you'll be going away somewhere without access to the internet), we recommend storing whatever movies you are not working with currently in our cloud repository. Once you're connected to the internet again, you'll be able to return to them whenever you like or to study from them when you're online. On Android devices, you can save your study materials to a memory card.

Why do you offer the option to select the language of translation only with some movie titles?

We are bound by distribution rights which dictate what translation language we are able to use in particular countries. However we add the option to change the target language whenever we are able to.

Can I use movies in other countries?

Yes. Download the movie titles you’ve selected on to your device and they will be available for you to play anywhere in world.

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