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is a unique app

for practising

foreign languages with films. 


How does Mooveez work?


Scandinavian Phenomenon 

... the reason Scandinavian countries are so successful at learning English is in large part due to the fact that they watched English movies, shows and fairytales without dubbing since their early childhood

From an early age, through television, children in Scandinavia build a passive knowledge of the language which can then be easily activated by school teachers.

Scandinavian Phenomenon 

Mooveez is based on the short animated stories of the Forte family , in which phrases from everyday life are immediately usable.


Most important first

Mooveez is the only application that uses a frequency dictionary. Did you know that .. The 1000 most used words cover 80% of the common language .

British Council Awards  

Mooveez is the best application in the world for acquiring passive vocabulary. Thanks to the great methodological tools of the application, you understand everything very well and remember it in a short time. As a result, in 2016 we were awarded by the British Council as the World Digital Innovation of the Year in the field of language teaching. We have won among hundreds of other projects. 

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