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4 Basic Steps in Learning a Foreign Language

When a child is learning their native language, they slowly acquire fluency in 4 simple steps, which seamlessly intertwine together. Our app Mooveez integrates these simple steps to allow you to learn a foreign language. In this way, you can learn French, Spanish, Italian, German, or another language available in the Mooveez app.

These four steps are, listening, understanding, imitation, & finally speech.



A child is constantly listening to what is happening around them, during the first four years of their life they listen to thousands of hours of their new native language. Words are constantly repeated and the child recognizes which words are most important and which it should learn first.



Context is a key part of understanding, as when the child sees the object, situation, action, or story they begin to piece together which words mean what. Infants understand what each word means even though they do not know how to say words.



While the child is listening to the "sound of words" and attaching these sounds to things around them, they slowly start to imitate them. Their attempts are regarded with kindness and support. The child learns and slowly their imitations start to turn into words. Modern teaching techniques have went far from imitation and are wanting children or even adults to know how to perform certain actions perfectly from the start.



As stated above, as imitation is repeated more and more it slowly turns into words and then to cohesive speech. These are then merged into short sentences of a few words, through which the child communicates, what it likes or dislikes or what it wants. The child learns new words by listening and then uses them in speech. The point lies in this: anyone who has learned how to speak a language has learned it through speaking the language.

The MOOVEEZ app is based on this 4 stage process, so through the app, you, among thousands of other students, will learn how to speak your desired language.


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