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A loving and supportive environment

A loving and supportive environment keeps children safe. They can discover the world around them and explore the mysteries of a new language without fear of being judged. On the contrary, every attempt is received with enthusiasm and this motivates them to continue.

Children have to overcome many obstacles on their way to mastering their first language.

They have to learn to understand the meaning of sounds (the words). They have to learn to

understand grammar. Then practice how to 'make' different kinds of sounds and then put

them into words. And all the while from the very first moment, they have to communicate

with their surroundings in a way that makes others understand their needs. Without the

genuine love of their parents, this enormous task could not be achieved. Along the way,

children make a lot of mistakes, similar to when they learned to walk. They fell a

hundred times, but they always got back up again. They do the same with a new language.

They keep trying until they finally learn it.

The world of adults is different. Much more rational, much more competitive, and critical. But it doesn't have to be that way. Somewhere inside of us, there’s still a little child who’s playful, curious, kind, and explores the world with an open mind. Based on our experience from the time we ran our experimental language school Stories, we were surprised to find that when adults don't make too many demands on themselves and instead enjoy the process of learning, they learn quickly. When they fall in love with a language, they learn it even faster. The complete opposite is the learning habits we have inherited from our school days. Constantly watching what we say to make sure we say everything perfectly. Constantly criticizing or even evaluating ourselves. A process that by its very nature is supposed to be a carefree and joyful process of discovery is instead taken over by something that doesn't belong there - competition, judgment, and negative self-assessment.

That's why at Mooveez we place a lot of emphasis on making sure that you speak a lot and explore the new language to the fullest. You will only learn to speak by speaking. But with us, you can do it in peace, with joy, and with a sense of security. You can set how strict you want the voice recognition feature to be. You can speak out loud in private without fear of being judged. Gradually, your confidence will grow, your pronunciation will improve, as will your prompt responses in the new language. This process takes time, but it is important to keep at it and be patient and kind to yourself. Then our natural ability will begin to reawaken again, because:

We are all capable of learning to speak any language. And we have proven this by learning our native language.

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