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Films are jam-packed with grammar.

Films are jam-packed with grammar.

In a film you pick up the grammar along the way, without the need for complicated drilling.
Grammar is a natural component of every film, just as it is a part of life itself.

  • People in a film, just like the people in the world around us, communicate in entire sentences.
  • Sentences are linguistically composed in ways which often vary from one language to the next.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you know the principles of how to compose a sentence in a foreign language. If you use the right sentence at the right time, you can speak spontaneously and without translating, and moreover with excellent diction. You have used the grammar in the sentence without having to think about it.
  • In films you encounter everyday speech. Yes, sometimes it can be harder to understand – but in the real world you will also meet people who are not trained teachers with flawless pronunciation.
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Mooveez interactive quizzes test your grammar in a fun way

Mooveez interactive exercises are as wonderful as the film itself – after all, they are directly derived from the plot of the film. You can practice the grammar used in the film, which is expanded on in other related exercises. Various types of exercises are available serving different methodological purposes. You task is easy – to master them all! You can check your work at the click of a button. 

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