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Mooveez is an app that will get you speaking a foreign language.

We learn foreign languages ​​in order to communicate. But it is speaking that is often neglected in teaching.

Try it with us - start talking naturally, as small children start.


How does Mooveez work?

severský fenomén

Natural learning
in four steps


Mooveez teaching is very effective as it uses the principle of natural learning. Look at small children and  how they begin to speak - it is about 4 easy steps.


First they listen a lot, try to understand the content and meaning of individual words and phrases, then they imitate us and finally start talking.


At Mooveez, we do the same way.

Step 1

Watching and listening

You will practice watching and listening in Mooveez on unique short films that are created specifically for language learning.

The materials are prepared for beginners and advanced learners and copy common life situations.

They contain the most important vocabulary, grammar and phrases.


Step 2


You will have the original subtitles in the language you are learning so that you can see how all the individual words are written.

At the same time, everything is translated into the language you are familiar with, so you don't have to look anywhere for the exact meaning of a word or phrase.

Special exercises will help you with repetition.

Step 3


In a special activity with flashcards, you can imitate the original and record your own voice.


We will then play your voice along with the original and you will hear how the imitation worked for you.


Another option is to work with automatic speech recognition, in which the application checks you.


Step 4


In the last step, you will be actively translating and speaking.


You can choose different characters and the app will chat with you and check your pronunciation.

British Council Award Winner

Mooveez is the best app in the world if you want to start speaking a foreign language. ​With the help of the great methodological tools in the app, you will understand and remember everything very well in no time. This is why we were awarded the Global Innovation of the Year in 2016 by the British Council. We were judged as winners from a pool of hundreds of other entries.



Meet the Forte family

We have created a unique teaching material that uses a frequency dictionary, the most commonly used phrases and grammar rules, and organised it into stories of the Forte family.


In addition to travel conversations, you will also find basic lessons for beginners in the application.


We are gradually adding more and more modules in various languages.

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