The Mooveez app contains films which have been transformed into study materials.

In the app, films are divided according to language difficulty, genre and the language of the lesson.

What does that mean in practise?

The Mooveez app is suitable for beginners, false and eternal beginners, the advanced, those superstars with language skills at C1 level.

Wih Mooveez, you can choose what you'd like to use to learn a language with based on your interests or preferences. The app includes feature length movies, short movies, interviews with celebrities, documentaries, TV shows and mini series, fairy tales which are not just for children.

In the one app and with the one subscription, you can use the same method to learn one or even all the available languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian) which Mooveez offers.

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Movies to learn English with

The biggest selection of titles on Mooveez is for learning English. It includes several feature length films of various levels of language difficulty. For example the beautiful Mirror, Mirror with Julia Roberts which is based on the Snow White fairy tale. Because of its slower dialogue and clear pronunciation, it is suitable even for total beginners. Or the cult movie Pulp Fiction with its dose of American slang for the advanced.


Aside from these, Mooveez also includes the whole travel series of Bob and Bobby cartoons who speak in a lovely British English. These use simple but common expressions and as such, we certainly recommend them not just for children but also for adults. And what about something fast paced? For fans of the Red Bull and other similar series, there are short fims about snowboarding, surfing and mountain biking. We also haven't forgotten about those who love language videos about interesting situations, phrases or phenomena. Your guide to these is American YouTuber and English teacher Vicki Hollett in her "How to..." videos.


British humour is in a category all of its own. With Mooveez, you can master the cult TV show Red Dwarf or the timeless show Yes, Prime Minister.

Each movie title has been divided into lessons. Each lesson contains many grammar exercises and comprehension tests. Right inside the app, in the Movie Detail section, you will be able to see how many unique words the movie contains and how many new phrases you will be able to improve your English with.


Movies to learn German, Spanish, French and Russian with

Mooveez also includes content for learning other languages. At the heart of the German, Spanish and French selection is the Extr@ series which is modelled on the cult show Friends. It was created a while back, but it is still loved by language teachers today - because it was created specifically to teach languages. It guides students through the most common situations and the most important vocabulary. What's interesting is that you'll encounter the same story in all the languages, but with a revised acting line-up and day to day cultural set ups. We recommend it!

In the German section of Mooveez, you'll find the entertaining movie mini series Spy as well as the TV show Cliptomaniacs which is all about adventure sports.

Your guide to studying Spanish could be Maya the Bee or La Abeja Maya but you'll also find the feature film Tu Vida en 65' as well as the short film Pushing Boundaries.

The Russian section includes the controversial short film Mavzolej, the feature film Ljubit ne ljubit and the great Sherlock - Beyker Strit 221 B.

Right inside the app, in the Movie Detail section, you will be able to see how many unique words the movie contains and how many phrases you will be able to improve your language skills with.

Did you know that...?

even just a 7 minute episode of

the Bob a Bobek series includes 7 lessons, 364 unique words, 165 phrases and 50 quizzes and exercises



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