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Engaging all the emotions and senses

Children perceive their surroundings differently from us - they absorb them. They perceive it with all their senses and react to it with all their emotions. Everything they see and hear they not only remember but take to heart.

When we began to explore the world as children and therefore learned the language that describes this world through sounds, we perceived everything together all at once. We absorbed the world with all our senses and experienced it fully with all our emotions. And because of this, we connected new information in our brains and remembered it better. There’s a reason why people say: Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I might remember. Let me do it and I'll understand and learn it.

Unfortunately, when we learn language as adults, we very often learn lists of words without any concrete reality or experience attached to them. Many adults even learn 'silently', meaning without speaking out loud. In that experience, everything is too abstract and vague for the brain and disconnected from real life, and that's why we don't get much enjoyment out of learning from textbooks. And because of this, we don't remember the new knowledge we learn as well as we did when we learned our native language as part of the life that it was integral to.

This is why at Mooveez we try to make every sentence part of a conversation or story. To make the characters as vivid as possible so that learning is absorbed by all of the senses. You might argue that touch, taste, and smell are not used when learning with Mooveez. But we offer them through the emotions that our characters express in the stories. By being part of a story that is easy to imagine, they evoke sensory perceptions in your mind. Such as when we talk about the taste of cheese or the smell of the coffee our characters order.

By hearing everything in the context of the story, the sentences are easy to imagine and therefore evoke a sensory experience in you. Because you can try to say everything in the story many times, you bring new phrases to life. Don't be afraid to play out the emotions that our characters have. All this will make it very easy for you to remember new words and phrases and they will stick in your memory for a long time.

We are all capable of learning to speak any language. And we have proven this by learning

our native language. We can awaken this ability in ourselves again.

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