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Spontaneous Joyful Learning

Natural learning is joyful, playful and comes naturally to us. We are all born with a natural

curiosity to explore the world around us as well as a desire to learn to adapt to it. If we

expose ourselves to a new language in a favorable environment, understanding the

language is triggered spontaneously. The capacity of the mind is unlimited when it comes to

natural learning and the whole process is incredibly fun.

There are two types of language learning that are sometimes compared to fire and water:

1) Traditional learning is based on rote learning grammar and vocabulary and doing many exercises. It uses more of the left logical sphere of our brain. Like fire and anything else based on aggression, it can be powerful and initially very effective, but it doesn't last long. That's why with this method, many people stop learning a language in the long term.

2) The natural approach learning method is spontaneous and joyful learning, based on appropriate exposure to the new language and also by imitation. This learning process is common in nature. It tends to use the right hemisphere to process sounds, images, emotions, and movements. Children learn by simply copying their parents. And why do we compare it to water? Although it’s soft, water will make a depression into any hard rock after a few years of being consistently exposed to it. Natural learning works similarly – it’s long-term learning with patience and kindness. Thanks to this type of learning, all children eventually learn their native language spontaneously and excellently.

That's why at Mooveez you have a large number of scenarios that you can spontaneously

learn from and start using immediately. That is also why you first listen a lot, then learn to understand, afterward try to imitate without fear, and finally speak. Because this is the magical natural process of learning a language. Once you've tried it, you won’t understand how it could be so easy to learn hundreds of new sentences by heart to use in ready-made conversations. But it's because:

We are all capable of learning to speak any language. We have proven this by learning our

own native language. And we can awaken this ability within ourselves again.


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