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Want to use Mooveez in your language classes?

With the Mooveez app and the Teacher Portal you'll be able to prepare great video lessons in five languages.


BENEFITS for teachers

  • Access to the Teacher Portal

  • Methodology based videos

  • Access to our expertise

  • Training and certification

BENEFITS for students

  • A rapid and natural expansion of passive vocabulary

  • A general improvement in language skills

  • A deeper understanding of the cultural contexts of videos

  • Gain knowledge of conversational and colloquial language

With language exercises and movie content which is full of authentic language, you’ll help your students consolidate their knowledge of a foreign language.

The Teacher Portal

The teacher portal helps teachers add variety to their classes with lessons using authentic videos.

We've selected the best scenes from movies, TV shows and documentaries for the portal. For each of these scenes, we've outlined possible lesson objectives for grammar, vocabulary and functional language, all in three basic language levels.


With the help of our know-how, teachers will become language video coaches who will be able to prepare engaging lessons by working with authentic videos which come with a teaching framework prepeared by our experts. They will also learn to appropriately lead and motivate students during self study.

Participating in the Mooveez Teacher Program is free of charge, as is taking part in training conducted by our language methodologist Martina Limburg Loučková.

The Mooveez app creates study materials from films and its unique methods make the process of learning a foreign language faster and more effective.


"My students quickly fell in love with Mooveez and they continue to get better at a faster rate, both in their language skills as well as in finding information in the script."

Hanka Dědková,

English teacher, Přípotoční High School

The case study will show you how to work with Mooveez. It is from an optional English seminar at Připotoční High School.


Find out more about the experiences of users and students with Mooveez on our Testimonials page.

Teaching with movies is even better with the Teacher Portal

ikona mooveez.png
  • Authentic videos offer lots of stimuli to practice speaking through narration, description or discussions. To help you with these in your lessons, we've prepared questions on the comprehension of scenes for you in the Teacher Portal and in the notes to some scenes you'll also find suggestions on discussions with students.

  • Movie dialogues bring language that's alive into lessons in an exciting context. The Mooveez portal allows you to focus on a detailed understanding of the dialogues and to work with the language of the scene. We always provide several exercises and a transcript in .doc(x) format to help you create your own exercises with every scene.

  • Movie dialogues provide an opportunity to engage creatively and use drama activities in lessons (role plays, creative writing, etc.). In the Mooveez portal, with every scene we also recommend two activities which are suitable for teaching with films or documentaries.

British Council Award Winner

In 2016 we were awarded the Global Innovation of the Year award by the British Council in the area of language teaching. We are very proud of the fact that we were selected from a pool of hundreds of other ventures.

"A variety of projects from around the world entered the ELTons Awards.

In becoming the overall winner,

Mooveez proved its great learning potential

in the Czech Republic and abroad."

Justin Spence, British Council Czech Republic




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